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Visual check

The Italian Ophthalmological Society recommends undergoing a visual examination at least once every two years.

Beyond simple visual defects, the eye can be the victim of important pathologies. Frequently undergoing a careful eye examination can make the difference in the prevention of eye diseases.

A simple visual check carried out by an optician may not be sufficient. Our checks only allow us to identify any visual defects and prescribe the most suitable corrective lens.




La Bottega dell'Occhio

      Sartoria Ottica

We are drowned in an ocean of identical products, dead before being born, which we didn't need.

As Designers and Craftsmenwe have the task of modulating ourselves towards sustainable production.

Our solution is simple.

We sell "old" glasses of unparalleled beauty and impeccable workmanship and create tailored glasses designed to last over time.  

                                                                    Benedetta G. Caputo

La Bottega

Via Foresta 

Pisciotta 84066 (SA)


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